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The Big Island: The Most Amazing Place on the Planet!

As I write this blog entry I cannot help but focus on the wonders of this island we all love so dearly!

Where in the world can you ski in the morning and surf in the afternoon?

On the Big Island we love our majestic Mauna Kea (Hawaiian for White Mountain) which is a 13,796 ft elevation volcanic mountain whose summit is sometimes covered in snow. Just south of Mauna Kea is the World’s largest active volcano, Mauna Loa. She is a massive mountain and is the largest single mountain on the planet. Mauna Loa may not look as tall as Mauna Kea, but she is only a mere 120 feet shorter! Both of these mountains if they were measured from where the start on the sea floor would be the highest and second highest mountains on the planet some 32,000 feet!!

The photo seen here (taken by my friend, photographer extraordinaire Ethan Tweedie) is looking at Mauna Kea from Mauna Loa and the observatories can be seen in all of their glory! On this day in February (a week ago!) we received a wonderful storm that covered both of these beautiful ladies in a white blanket and the residents of the island become excited and childlike as they rush to the snow for play and awe!

On the same day, the surf was good and you could go from summit to sea and have a complete experience of an amazing place.

Where can you do that?

It’s amazing!!!

I hope you enjoy my website and continue to come back for news and information.

Infinity Consulting did an excellent job for me on my website and I highly recommend them!

I look forward to talking with you and working together so that you too can embrace this amazing place!

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